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Vitamin C & Zinplex Combo

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Boost the immune system and Energy levels with this great combo!

Power-packed vitamin C supplement from BioLife has everything your body needs to fight off ailments like seasonal colds and flu, and keep your immune system strong. Made with a blend of vitamin C, rosehip and citrus bioflavonoids, this disease-fighting supplement gives you a pure 1000mg dose – plus it’s designed for a slow, lasting release into your bloodstream. BioLife’s Vitamin C formula is free of preservatives and additives, gluten and sugar. It’s a powerful free radical fighter and a great choice for all-natural immune support.

 Zinplex B Complex 30 Tablets combines a selection of B vitamins in a powerful formulation that helps to improve concentration and mental alertness. Also increases energy levels and helps the body cope better with stress and anxiety.

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